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Teasing Children

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At the moment, my life consists of a few human beings that truly mean a lot to me and two of those few are my little sister and baby brother. My sister, Lizzie (I call her something different but that’s family business), turns 17 today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL SIS!) and has remained my best friend since we were babies. I’m so proud to have her in my life. I believe that she is the only person in the whole world that truly understands what I’m like and I’m so grateful to her for never failing to make me laugh each and everyday we’re together.

My brother, William (actually my half brother, which I’ll explain some other time) is 5 years old and is the most adorable little man we could ever have in the household. Sometime I love him and sometimes I hate him but all of the time I adore him even if I don’t show it. He’s such a cheeky little fellow, full to the brim with confidence neither my sister or I had at his age. He started school September of this year.

Introduction’s over, I wanted to reminisce about how we we’re children, my sister and I that is, back in the early 90’s when the crazes were Tamagotchi’s and Pokemon cards. I remember being a horrible child, not that I wasn’t a good girl (by good girl I mean well behaved and did as I was told) but looking back on myself I was a selfish manipulating little cow. One of the things I used to do was dibs certain coloured counters contained in the board game; primarily red and green because I liked them the best. Lizzie was always left with blue and yellow which were, of course, my lesser favourites. And if I didn’t get to the board game first, I used to  tell Lizzie some little white lie to get what I wanted such as telling her that blue and yellows we’re the girl colours and the red and greens were the boy colours. At this age we we’re both disgusted by the concept of ‘boy’ that she immediately asked to swap colours and of course I accepted graciously. I laugh at myself thinking back, what the hell was I doing and feeling so proud after.

However, I did have my genuine proud moments as the older sister. I remember when Lizzie was being teased by a boy who was in the year above her (I was in the year above him so there was a three year school gap between us even though she’s only a year and a half younger than me), this boy kept calling her a cucumber which was making her cry. I realise now that being called a cucumber was actually pretty hilarious but it seems it was so traumatising for Lizzie that she doesn’t remember the event to this day. I got really angry at the boy. The sort of steam coming out of my ears angry. I yelled at him loads, screaming at him to stop calling my sister a cucumber. How dare he make her cry. How dare he upset my little sis. He probably found my face funny because he did it more with each time my sister becoming more upset and my temper rising far beyond boiling point. I don’t remember if the problem got resolved but the boy never bothered us again so I’m assuming it did. Children can be cruel to each other.

I’m starting to see some of the little behaviours we had as children in my baby brother which is probably why I find him so annoying constantly. I see myself in this child and I try to correct it even though I understand that it’s part of growing up. I wonder who he’s going to manipulate and who upsets him and I wonder who’s going to be there to defend him when he does get hurt. Will he defend himself? Because he seems like a fighter, he’ll keep fighting until he completely breaks down, that little tyke. On an off note, he just locked his half brother outside (not my brother, or half brother or even officially step brother but again I’ll explain this part with the other part) which I find very amusing.

Anyway, as children we have our selfish desires, our crazy tendencies and our proud moments which we can still be proud of till the day we grow up. I loved that childhood and now my brother tells me he wants to grow up. It’s funny how we always desire the things we can’t have but at least we can think back and smile about them.

2013-12-28 19.07.52

Happy Birthday Lizzie


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