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Today was the second week I attended Hope Church’s Sunday service and I really wasn’t expecting what happened today and I still don’t understand why it happened in the slightest. Since starting second year I’ve met the most amazing people, which I like to refer to as the ‘Hopefuls’. In particular, Miki (who also happens to be my house mate) All of them are part of the Hope Church, a Christian organisation.

You see, I’m not religious but I was always interested and it seems I was given a chance to find out more. I suppose it was another way of trying to find myself as it seems I’m always trying to do that. Miki was my portal into the religious world and I thank her deeply from the very bottom of my heart for introducing me to God. I never realised how powerful something could be and when Miki started praying for me, I was so touched that I started crying. The kind of I can’t stop and I really don’t understand why I’m crying sort of kind of crying.

I’m not sure if some of you can relate but it was almost like someone had made me realise what was really going on, as if someone had actually told me it was okay, like I had been forgiven for something, even though I’m still unsure of what it was. I realised that I actually had a lot on my mind that I didn’t realise before. That I was I guess, running away but now I can face everything full on with the strength that has been lent.

It’s funny because I always thought that I was a strong person that could handle anything and in entire honesty I still think I am but maybe I started crying because I realised that I never had to do this alone and that I was both extremely happy and sad to realised that I will never truly be alone again.

Thank you, Lord God, for all that you’ve done for me, for all of the people that you’ve placed in my life and I hope that I will not become a burden to you.


Author: The Pandarine

That scatterbrained twenty something year old that wants to eat everything all time. The one that will stop at nothing to travel the world, the one who's loyalties lie with the people she loves. The one who will never give up on you and the one who radiates so much positivity that you might even find her a bit annoying sometimes.

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