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It’s about two weeks until Valentine’s day and this year I’m actually looking forward to it. Not because I’ve found the person that I’m going to celebrate it with but because I have something Valentiney planned this year. For me Valentine’s Day was always just another day. A day where I can find cutesy heart shaped things in every direction and just think ‘nawwwwwwwww, it’s all so adorable’ and I’ve never been the one to be all sad about not having someone to be with one that day. But this year’s going to be a little bit different. However, none shall be revealed on here until maybe after, just in case certain people stumble upon this certain blog.

But on the topic of Valentine’s, love letters spring to mind. I’ve always been of the romantic sort so I really love the idea of love letters. There’s nothing like pouring your heart out on paper. The entire gesture seems so genuine. Why would anyone go to the trouble of writing down all of their love if it wasn’t genuine. It just isn’t done and with it being even rarer these days. I remember whilst I was still in sixth form there was an incident when one our boys kept getting love letters. He was a boy in a girls sixth form, what could he expect but we did all love him for his naivety and complete lack of common sense so we decided to play with him for a bit by sending him love letters. Had no idea how to react and it was oh so funny. He finally caught on that they were faked but he never found out who it was until it was revealed in front of everyone during out final school assembly of the year. It turns out, they were all written by his very good friends who knew he would be an easy target with hilarious results.

I learnt very recently that love letters were still written even today, even if we don’t hear about it or if it’s even happens in the country. But if you ever get the chance and if you ever feel you could then write someone a love letter. Write a love letter to whomever you love regardless of who they may be to you. You could even write to your own mother and tell her how much you love and care for her because that for sure is going to make her heart smile.

ImageMaybe I’ll write love letters for Valentine’s and spread just a little bit more love.


Author: The Pandarine

That scatterbrained twenty something year old that wants to eat everything all time. The one that will stop at nothing to travel the world, the one who's loyalties lie with the people she loves. The one who will never give up on you and the one who radiates so much positivity that you might even find her a bit annoying sometimes.

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