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I want to sleep

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The past week has been exhausting. Pre-exam examinations have been keeping me up wayyy past my usual bed time with my not going to sleep until stupid o’clock in the morning. But you know, despite the fact that I could now sleep for a week I had quite a lot of fun in the library, as nerdy as it may sound. And that’s because of the constant company I had while ploughing away at my psychological statistics. So I’m really grateful for that.

It’s the intervals in this fast pace life that allow me to appreciate the people I love and the amazing world that I get to see. This morning the fruit blossoms have bloomed and it was so beautiful. Welcome to England summer time, I look forward to your stay.

ImageI want to sleep


Author: The Pandarine

That scatterbrained twenty something year old that wants to eat everything all time. The one that will stop at nothing to travel the world, the one who's loyalties lie with the people she loves. The one who will never give up on you and the one who radiates so much positivity that you might even find her a bit annoying sometimes.

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