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I’m still an infant when it comes to describing love but I know it’s warm and I know it’s gentle and I know it can wrap you up like a sun blessed blanket and I know it can make you soar like the highest of eagles. I also know sometimes it can hurt too and that sometimes it can make you miss people and I know that as I listen to some of the saddest music I can still see that pained love in the expressions of the artist even if I can’t understand the language of the song. But you know, love is always there, it’s always a constant and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s a good thing or not.

I personally believe that even though love can be troublesome and cause the most hurt, it’s worth every emotion, every feeling and features in every artifact or being that ever had the privilege to be described as ‘priceless’. So don’t forget about love because it will make you grow.


Author: The Pandarine

That scatterbrained twenty something year old that wants to eat everything all time. The one that will stop at nothing to travel the world, the one who's loyalties lie with the people she loves. The one who will never give up on you and the one who radiates so much positivity that you might even find her a bit annoying sometimes.

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