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About Me

It might be easy to believe that writing about oneself is simple. But for me an ‘About Me’ page which I ironically labelled myself is far more difficult than I had expected. What do I say? My name, my age (perhaps irrelevant), date of birth, where I’m from, what I do, what I’m doing and what I hope to achieve, etcetera etcetera. Where do I formally stop?

I guess, I don’t. I would say that an ‘About Me’ page will never be fully complete because I’m still growing and I’m still experiencing other people who are going to influence me and there’s still the whole world out there, waiting to be discovered. So I guess for now I’ll tell you what I know about myself at the moment.

My name is Susie. Just Susie. It’s a nickname actually, given to me when I was about 5-6 years old by my oldest friend. But I’ll go into detail on that in a post or something. Born on the 7th of June 1994 (you can work out how old I am) at the time when most people are probably having breakfast or leaving for work. I’m a British Born Chinese (BBC for short) and I’m still wondering about that.

My solar star sign is Gemini (which might explain the rapid change in thoughts I constantly suffer, although it might not be suffering as I quite enjoy it but once again it can be both quite frustrating and amusing whilst switching from one topic to the other so quickly and losing track of where I was to start of with; you see my point) and my lunar animal is the Dog (loyal and faithful to those that they love but a potentially sharp tongued worrier nevertheless).

And the final piece of information I care to reveal for now is that I live in England and I study Psychology as a undergraduate. I’m currently in my second year.

An update (which I will incorporate into the above when I can be bothered):

I love cookery, bad puns, dancing until my feet ache, paper cranes, Pokemon games, sunshine, encouraging word prints, the floating of dust in sunlight, a beautifully made bed, grass between my toes, the list goes on.

I’m passionate, more than I realise and it comes in humongous burst of energy, usually at night time where I should be using that energy to compel my studies. Alas, I only want to write it all down lest I forget. Which I often do.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. A very interesting introduction. Both self effacing and at the same time intriguing write up about yourself. Keep going my friend. Would love to hear more about you. Like you said, this is one page that would only stop growing when you do.


    • Thank you very much for your kind words! Actually, I sometimes wonder whether talking about myself is entirely selfish but I really appreciate your response. It makes me feel much better about the idea!

      Wishing you the best day,


      • Hello Susie,

        You are welcome. Talking about oneself is not regarded as conceit. It is the only way a new person in your life would get to know what you are about. How many times have you picked up a book and turned the cover to read a description of the plot. If the plot sounds good to you, you read on. Almost no book would sell if that was not there.

        I would however equate an introduction about oneself to a mini skirt – it should be long enough to cover the essentials and short enough to intrigue and kick-in the fantasy.

        Just my philiosophy šŸ™‚ Please pardon the mildly profane analogy.


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